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The SA Quantum actuarial team is comprised of qualified actuaries and actuarial consultants who are at various levels of qualifying towards Fellowship. We are a team of dedicated black actuaries who are committed to providing innovative solutions and professional services for the advancement of our clients. Our actuaries are passionate about performing their work while following current industry standards and guidance by the relevant professional codes of conduct. We employ rigorous procedures to ensure the high quality of actuarial advice we offer to clients.

Our team has extensive experience in providing actuarial services to retirement funds and corporates since 2002. The team’s experience covers different markets in the Southern Africa region including South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Mozambique. We provide independent actuarial advice to retirement fund trustees and decision makers in corporates thus enabling them to make sound financial decisions.

We provide independent actuarial advice to Retirement Fund Trustees and decision makers in Corporates, which enables them to make sound financial decisions.

Retirement Schemes Valuation Services

  • Statutory and interim pension fund valuations for Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit Funds
  • Individual member benefit calculations and projection of retirement benefits
  • Calculating individual transfer values
  • Surplus apportionment advice and calculations
  • Asset Liability Modelling calculations
  • Certification of financial soundness of rules and rule amendments
  • Section 14 transfers

Retirement Schemes Non-valuation Services

  • Valuations for company accounting disclosures for retirement funds (IAS 19 disclosures)
  • Valuations for company accounting disclosures for post-retirement medical schemes (PRMS disclosures)
  • Certification of Investment Policy Statements for liability profile
  • Advising on pension increase policy
  • Calculation of unit prices
  • Trustees training
  • Independent peer review

Alternative Risk Management (ARM) Solutions

  • Feasibility assessments for schemes considering ARM solutions
  • ARM benefit design and pricing
  • Claims experience investigations
  • Determining and setting appropriate reserves for unpaid claims and capital adequacy
  • Monitoring overall performance and profitability of ARM solutions

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