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The Contact Centre is specifically focused on assisting our clients through tracing of former and/or dormant members. The functionality of the Contact Centre is unique within the Financial Services industry; it is especially unique in Employee Benefits Administration.

The uniqueness of this centre is attributed to the fact that the front-end software has been specifically customized for SA Quantum’s needs and requirements. The front end is interfaced with the Live Employee Benefits Administration System via Microsoft Sequel databases. This system is used for tracing former and/or dormant members for benefit payments. By linking to SA Quantum’s Live Admin Database, the Contact Centre records and answers all clients’ queries including progress updates of claims within the system, without the need to reference the hard copy of the claim file.

The centre has numerous other functions that benefit the company and can be extended to all departments within SA Quantum. It can be linked to any Financial Services Company and assist these companies with their contact centre needs.

The SA Quantum Contact Centre consists of the following departments:

  • Inbound call operators
  • Back Office (outbound) administrators
  • Document management services
  • Internal auditing

These departments work together to offer the following services:

  • Data enhancing
  • Verification
  • Member tracing
  • Document collection
  • Physical tracers (foot soldiers)
  • Bank account verification
  • System automated reporting

The inbound contact centre operators are fully multilingual, rendering services to clients in the language of their choice.

Posted in Services on Sep 26, 2018

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