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SAQ Risk Administration is a dynamic division consisting of a dedicated team working towards maintaining our high performance levels. As a Client Service Company, our goal is to ensure that we provide excellent client care. We achieve this by listening to the needs of our clients and ensuring that we deliver. Furthermore, we are highly specialized in what we do hence we can offer our clients quality advice to ensure they are meeting all their legal administrative obligations while still satisfying their members’ needs.

What does SA Quantum Risk Administration Do?

  • Decide on the validity of Risk Benefit claims
  • Processing funeral, death and disability claims of self-insured Provident/Pension Funds and process insured Provident/Pension schemes
  • Offer products that are independent from any Provident or Pension Fund in the interest of offering risk benefits to as many people as possible

As the risk benefit structure of each client is unique, SAQ Risk Administrators are trained on a wide spectrum of benefits so that they can easily adapt and develop claim procedures to suit the different risk benefit structures. Our claim processing method ensures that claims are speedily paid or authorised so that the member and/or his family are provided with financial assistance during his/her time of need. Great care is taken to ensure that there are no fraudulent claims processed. This is done by the confirmation of South African deaths with the Department of Home Affairs.

A unique feature of our service is the placement of our staff on site at a client’s premises should they require. This assists claimants in that they are able to submit claims and supporting documents at the place of employment of the deceased member rather than posting documents or making a long journey to the head office.

Posted in Services on Sep 25, 2018

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