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SA Quantum Investment Consulting Services (SAQ ICS) is a division of Southern Africa Quantum Consultants and Actuaries (SA Quantum) that provides independent and professional investment advice to retirement funds, institutions, medical aids, unions and other organizations.

Understanding that the world of investments is becoming increasingly more complex and diversified, SAQ ICS is able to assist clients with the challenges posed by offering them the following investment consulting services:

Asset Liability Modelling

This process uses quantitative modeling techniques to match, as closely as possible, the fund’s liabilities to its assets.

Setting Investment Policy Guidelines

A formal document that sets out the Fund’s philosophy, its investment goals and objectives, the strategy to achieve these goals as well as the funds investment time horizon.

Setting an Investment Strategy

This document provides a framework for the investment of the fund’s assets by identifying the nature of the fund, the investment risks involved and the trustees’ risk tolerance based on the fund’s asset/liability profile.

Investment Manager and Product selection

SAQ ICS uses both quantitative and qualitative analysis to select the managers and products that are most appropriate for the investment strategy.

Setting the Benchmark

SAQ ICS will assist the trustees in determining an appropriate benchmark for performance measurement.


Once the investment managers and their products have been selected, SAQ ICS will assist the trustees with the implementation of the fund’s investment strategy.

Performance Monitoring

The Fund’s performance is monitored on an ongoing basis and measured against the set benchmark. Report-backs highlighting areas of importance are made to Trustees.

Trustee Training

SAQ ICS offers investment training, which helps Trustees in understanding the difficult aspects of investments and empowers them to make appropriate decisions.

Other Services

Through our continuous research of the industry, SAQ ICS is in a position to provide advice in areas such as international investments, indexation, hedge funds, derivative strategies, scrip lending and other related investment issues.

In all our interactions, our mission is to serve our clients by providing them with high quality investment advice, thereby empowering them in making investment related decisions.

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