What We Do | Employee Benefit Consulting & Secretarial Services

Our Range of Consulting Services

  • Benefit design
  • Communication
  • Governance services
  • Insured benefit services
  • Innovative products
  • Secretarial services
  • Legal and contractual services

Benefit Design Services

  • The role of benefits
  • The objectives for benefit provision
  • Benefit provisions that meet corporate objectives and employee needs
  • Designs that incorporate cost control mechanisms
  • Durable designs (e.g. by anticipating future legislation).

Governance Services

This service is designed to protect the interests of all parties involved in the funds and schemes by:

  • Advising on procedures to ensure best practice,
  • Ensuring legal requirements are met,
  • Defining roles and responsibilities,
  • Introducing procedures to resolve conflicts of interest,
  • Reducing the risk of costly litigation,
  • Improving communications,
  • Improving decision-making,
  • Reducing the cost of management of the funds and schemes,
  • Helping to define the objectives of the different parties involved.

Insured Benefit Consulting Services

SA QUANTUM can assist by:

  • Carrying out a broking exercise to select the most competitive insurer
  • Checking that the insurance correctly covers all the benefits
  • Leasing with the trustees to ensure that the insurance goes on-risk at the required time.

SA QUANTUM is independent of all insurance companies.

Secretarial Services

We view as secretarial services, the production of all documentation relating to trustee meetings:

  • Agenda,
  • Minutes of previous meeting,
  • Brief explanations on the developments of matters arising,
  • Briefing the trustees on new legislation and developments in the market,
  • Claims documentation,
  • Administration report,
  • Investment reports / summary of assets,
  • General consulting advice on all aspects of your employee benefits programme.

Auxiliary Secretarial Services

  • Produce all documentation and bind it for delivery to the trustees 1 - 2 weeks ahead of the trustee meeting
  • Maintain the minute book
  • Liaise with all statutory bodies to ensure that the Fund’s requirements are met
  • Arrange the invitation of investment managers to the trustee meetings for investment presentation purposes

In addition we:

  • Handle logistics in setting up meetings and attendance at conferences
  • Assist chairperson with procedural matters
  • Maintain and distribute mail from the fund post box

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