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SAQ Umbrella Beneficiary Fund /Trust Services provide a comprehensive range of services to retirement funds, institutions, unions and other organisations. Our services are independent, and our advice to Trustees is totally unbiased.

Through sound and professional advice, which is based on thorough analysis; research; and effective risk management, we are able to provide the following services to clients: Our full Benefit Services include:

  • Umbrella Beneficiary Fund
  • Annuities (Payable from the Fund)
  • Trust (Unapproved Benefits)
  • 37C Disposal of Death Benefit Investigations for the Trustees

Umbrella Beneficiary Fund

The Beneficiary Fund is an authorised financial services provider administered under a 13B license. Our service is both cost-effective and efficient. We set up and maintain Beneficiary Funds in respect of the minor children of the deceased member. We interact with our clients, beneficiaries and guardians in a genuine, professional and individualised manner.

  • Payment of monthly income to dependants ,beneficiaries and Guardians;
  • Ensuring the legal framework is complied with.

Annuities (Payable from the Fund)

The product has been specifically designed to take into account the high costs of Beneficiary Funds and the large number of cases being referred to the adjudicator. We believe that the Fund should be responsible for the welfare of beneficiaries and needs to take greater control of the administration. This is managed through the fund under separate bank account and investment strategy. It forms part of the assets and liabilities of the fund.


Unapproved benefits will be administered in the trust, which is run on the same principles as the beneficiary fund. We can assist Trustees establish a trust to administer lump sums paid to minor dependants on the death of any member.

37C Disposal of Death Benefit Investigations for the Trustees

SA Quantum will use the services of Trustees where it is necessary to investigate dependants. We also use qualified investigators, such as Ubank Limited to assist with the investigations. The advantage to the Fund is that there will be no need to manage this process.

The recommendations are forwarded to the Trustees for distribution of the death benefit in according to the decease wishes and recommendations from the investigator.

Keys to success

SAQ Trust / Beneficiary Services recognizes the following as its keys to success:

  • Excellent communication and customer service skills
  • Completely confidential, reliable, and trustworthy expertise and information
  • Thorough knowledge of benefits administration issues
  • Broad based black economic empowerment
  • Effectiveness, efficiency and good corporate governance

We recognise that our continued success is reliant on continual investment in staff, technology, supply chain partnerships and last but not least our local community.


SAQ Beneficiary Service’s fundamental driving force is the quest to provide a unique and professional value added service to clients. Our value system is embedded in the following:

  • Credibility;
  • Professionalism;
  • Honesty;
  • Flexibility;
  • Integrity;
  • Responsibility & Accountability.


Because our main responsibility is to offer independent; proactive; well researched advice to clients in order to help them make empowered and well thought decisions, our main focus was to set up a team that has extensive knowledge and experience in the industries we are going to operate in.

Because we are firm believers of the saying “two heads are better than one”, we promote working as a team. Our consultants all have a dual research and consulting responsibility. This, we believe, adds value in the kind of advice we give to our clients. Also, we ensure that there are two consultants allocated to each client.

Registered with FSB – now FSCA
Registered Trust Deed

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